“Last March after knee replacement I needed a physical therapist close to home since I would be going 3 times/week.  I chose OrthoSport which is where I met Veli.  He designed a therapy plan for me that included “dry needling”.  My knee was back to normal in just 6 weeks.  Then I needed my hip replaced, but had to wait 6 weeks for the surgery.  Back to OrthoSport I went.  Again Veli to the rescue with PT and dry needling. I was able to stay functional until my surgery.  The recovery was much quicker.  Now I am waiting for a shoulder replacement so back to OrthoSport for me.  This time Veli designed a program for me to strengthen the muscles and again dry needling.  I have better range of motion and a lot less pain.  I am still waiting for the surgery, but able to work up until the surgery date because of the dry needling.  I don’t know the science of dry needling, all I know is that it definitely works.  If you are in pain and nothing helps, I would highly recommend OrthoSport and Veli.”