Joint Mobilization

Joint Mobilization

Spine and Joint Mobilization is performed by orthopedic manual physical therapists (OMPT’s) and is a specialized technique used when articular structures limit the motion of joints. This normalizes sliding and rolling (arthrokinematic) movements that need to occur with normal motion. These techniques are graded on the acuity of the condition and pain tolerances. The restoration of normal joint mobility early in the treatment process will in turn lead to a quicker recovery and improvement in functional ability. Joint mobilization is commonly used in the cervical and lumbar spine (neck & lower back) which can immediately relieve pain, increase joint mobility and increase overall flexibility within muscles.

The OrthoSport Philosophy


Rehabilitation treatment(s) designed to facilitate the process of recovery from an accident, injury, disease, or illness to bring you back to where you were prior to injury. The purpose of rehabilitation is to restore the individual’s physical capabilities.


Performance or free-living physical activity demonstrates your overall physical health level. Removing hindering limitations from the individual’s performance can be improved and overall functional capacity may be enhanced.


Quality of life is the individual’s ability to enjoy their normal life activities. Rehabilitation and performance programs should be designed to enhance the individual’s ability to live a more comfortable and satisfying life.


Holistic Healing is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person promoting optimal health. This includes drug-free methods of individualized rehabilitation, performance improvement, and overall enhanced quality of life.

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