“I’m a very active 71 year old female.  I have been swimming 3-5 miles a week.  I developed sciatica and my swimming came to an end.  My chiropractor, whom I’ve known for 28 years, wasn’t able to alleviate pain.  So…I went to a physical therapy facility and was told I couldn’t do basic movements so they couldn’t help me.  I tried acupuncture for 3 months and it wasn’t helpful.  I had an epidural and I was told I could return for a second procedure 2 months later if the first wasn’t successful.  It wasn’t and I didn’t return.

Then I was able to find OrthoSport.  After the first needling procedure, I was able to swim again!  My condition has continued to improve and I’m back in the pool!

Thank you OrthoSport for giving me my life back!”